What Is Cognac?

There is an enormous amount of alcohol available on the market today, with even more new varieties being created constantly. Whether it’s a refreshing beer or a tasty wine with your meal, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding an alcoholic beverage to wind down with. However, while you will surely recognize those …

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What Is Table Wine?

There are many different categories of wine on the market, all of which offer different flavor profiles, alcohol content, and uses.  Table wine in particular is a category that you might not come across often as it is more of an old-fashioned term. However, in a restaurant setting, it may still crop up from time …

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What Is Brut Champagne? 

Since its accidental creation in the Champagne wine region of France, where bottle pressure was miscalculated, and air bubbles got contained inside, champagne has become a popular alcoholic beverage.  History Perhaps most associated with celebrations, and with a reputation for lavishness and high society, champagne was the first sparkling wine to be produced.  The oldest …

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