Is Pinot Noir Dry?

There are lots of well-known wines out there, but one of the most famous has to be Pinot Noir.  However, a lot of people actually have never tried Pinot Noir so don’t know what its tasting profile is. This has led a lot of people to make assumptions about its flavor – but what does …

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What Is Madeira Wine?

On its named Portuguese island, Madeira produces an intriguing and much underrated fortified wine.  A fortified wine known as Madeira is made on the same-named island, which is located more than 400 kilometres north of the famous Canary Islands and more than 500 kilometres west of Morocco.  A balanced grape spirit is added to the …

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Is Champagne Wine?

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing glass of wine in the summer sun. Maybe it’s the flavor. Maybe it’s the cooling liquid. Perhaps it’s the whole atmosphere that often comes with drinking a lovely glass (a party or a social gathering). Whatever the reason, it is a feeling that can’t be beaten. Well, maybe don’t …

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