Do You Chill Chardonnay?

It has been a long day of work and all you want is to go home, make a comforting dinner and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Specifically a glass of white Chardonnay. But should it be chilled before drinking?

Yes. However, there is a sweet spot for chilling your Chardonnay and making it too warm or too cold could be the reason that your wine is leaving you feeling unsatisfied. 

Below we have all of the facts and advice on chilling your wine to get the perfect glass every time. Whether you are new to drinking wine or have been struggling to get it right.

Read below to find out more about chilling chardonnay. 

What Is Chardonnay Wine?

A popular white grape variety planted all over the world is chardonnay.

It has an almost supernatural capacity to convey both the character of the growing region and the winemaker’s style.

As a result, Chardonnay can have a wide range of flavors, from crisp and invigorating to velvety and rich. Even Champagne is made mostly from this grape variety.

Perfect Temperature For Chilling Chardonnay Wine 

Chardonnay should normally be served between 48 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit (8-15 degrees Celsius).

The ideal temperature for wine is lower than the usual room temperature (i.e., 68-76 Fahrenheit or 20 to 24 degrees Celsius). A bottle of wine will therefore be at the optimal temperature for drinking.

Serving your wine above or below the recommended temperatures could lead to rather displeasing results.

If the wine is served too warm it can leave a rather intense burning sensation, something you do not want when you are supposed to be serving a chilled glass of chardonnay. 

On the other hand, if the wine is too cold you may find that you do not have access to experience all of the magnificent flavors the wine has to offer.

This is not ideal if you have paid a pretty penny for your bottle. 

How To Chill Your Chardonnay Wine 

While there are a few ways to chill your warm wine down to the perfect serving temperature, there may only be 1 suitable to you. 

Many wine enthusiasts will invest in a wine fridge which can be a rather hefty investment for those browsing the aisle of Walmart. 

Luckily, all you need is your kitchen refrigerator. If you happen to have a scheduled dinner guest arriving for 6.30pm, then all you need is 15-20 minutes to chill your wine.

Place your wine in your fridge for around 15-20 minutes before serving to enjoy a cool glass of chardonnay. 

If you leave the bottle out of the fridge it will eventually warm to room temperature which can be warmer than preferred for your wine. It is best to store your wine in your fridge to keep it cool between serving. 

Temperature For Serving Cheap Wine

It is important to keep in mind that cheap wine does not always mean bad wine.

Many, delicious wines are marketed at lower prices to ensure there is a more lucrative market. However, often they are of decent quality and offer a gorgeous blend of flavors. 

Although, when it comes to chilling cheaper wine, you may find that chilling methods are abused in order to disguise the weaknesses. 

The primary flavors in a bottle of low-quality, inexpensive wine are generally nondescript. The wine is effectively put to sleep in this situation by cooling it.

You’re more likely to taste alcohol than fruity flavors and subtle scents. In this instance, chilling inexpensive wine is merely a tactic to mask the wine’s generally subpar quality.

However, if cheaper wines are all your budget can allow we still recommend chilling the bottle to a cool temperature to ensure it is smooth and refreshing to serve. 

Chilling Chardonnay In The Summer VS Winter 

The time of year has a significant impact on how you enjoy drinking wine. A bottle of wine will become warm wine much more quickly in the summer heat.

For instance, it is more difficult to reach the appropriate wine temperature when it is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius).

When the weather is playing against you, there are a few steps you can take to help.

Those with a strong interest in serving wine at its perfect temperature may prefer to use a wine thermometer. This will allow you to know the exact temperature of your wine and when to serve it. 

However, if you prefer to purchase more inexpensive wines then this may be an unnecessary step.

To help cool cheaper wines, all you need is a wine bucket filled with ice water.

Creating a sort of wine ice bath will help keep your wine cooler for longer. And you can keep it at the table while eating dinner or enjoying chatting with friends and family. 

Using Ice Water To Chill Chardonnay 

You might not be accustomed to utilizing a container of ice water to maintain the perfect wine temperature for your creamy Chardonnay.

Using ice water to chill Chardonnay is easy. Take a metal bucket and first fill it halfway with ice water.

Then fill the bucket with ice. Lastly, gently put the wine bottle into the ice bucket.

For a simple reason, using a bucket filled with water and ice is the suggested method. Ice cubes make less contact with the bottle when you utilize solely ice.

The wine bottle, on the other hand, is totally submerged in chilly water. The wine will therefore chill more quickly in your container of ice water.

Final Thoughts

No one wants to be drinking a warm glass of Chardonnay after a hard week. That’s why it’s important to give it time to chill to a delectable temperature. 

Whether in the fridge or in an ice bucket, once your wine has chilled you will find it so much more satisfying. If you are taking a real interest in wine, you may find it beneficial to invest in a wine fridge.

Otherwise, chill your wine for 15-20 minutes before serving and enjoy.

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