What Does Sangria Taste Like? [A Guide]

Over the last 10 years, sangria has become extremely popular – being consumed all around the world! This Spanish summery drink has simply gone viral. 

You can now find sangria at restaurants, cafes, and even at your local pub! Even though this drink has become incredibly popular, chances are you haven’t even tried it yet. 

What Does Sangria Taste Like [A Guide]

This is where we come in to help! In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about this famous drink, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth your purchase. 

What Is Sangria?

Originating in Spain, sangria is an alcoholic beverage. It is made from fruit, red wine, carbonated water, sugar, and brandy. It is best served cold and makes for a refreshing summer drink. 

The base of sangria consists of a combination of red wine, different fruits – such as apples and oranges –, brown sugar, carbonated water, brandy, and some fruit juice. 

It could be considered similar to traditional wine spritzer, however, it is a much more strong, flavorful, and fruity version – if you enjoy your wine fizzy with some powerful flavors, then you’re sure to love sangria!

Does Sangria Contain Alcohol?

Yes, sangria contains brandy and red wine – making it an alcoholic beverage. It has a similar alcohol content as wine, with around 8% to 12% ABV. 

However, you can hardly taste the alcohol flavors since it is served ice-cold and masked with strong fruit flavors.

Typically, people will often confuse sarsaparilla and sangria together. However, sarsaparilla is a non-alcoholic soda that is made using the sarsaparilla tree – with a similar taste to root beer. 

On the other hand, sangria is an alcoholic beverage that is made using fruit, carbonated water, sugar, brandy, and red wine. While it may not have the highest alcohol content – it can still pack a punch! 

Does Sangria Contain Lemonade?

No, sangria doesn’t contain lemonade. While there is a combination of sweet fruits in the drink – such as oranges and apples, as well as fruit juice –, there is no lemonade. 

Sometimes you’ll find flavored carbonated water included, however, this isn’t always a common ingredient. 

Although, you could consider adding lemonade to provide your sangria with an extra-sweet and sour flavor. However, it isn’t traditionally used in sangria. 

Does Sangria Contain Tequila?

No, sangria doesn’t contain any tequila. Instead, it is made using a combination of brandy and red wine that has an alcoholic content of 8% to 12% ABV.

Including tequila would not only change the flavor profile but would also cause the alcohol content to dramatically increase. 

Therefore, if your sangria contains tequila then something has been mixed up in the preparation! For sangria, you only need two types of alcohol: brandy and red wine. 

If you’re looking to make your sangria sweeter and increase its potency, you could toss some tequila in, too. However, keep in mind that sangria should be a smooth, refreshing drink. 

What Is The Difference Between Sangria And Wine?

Wine is made by fermenting grape juice. However, on the other hand, sangria is an alcoholic beverage made using a combination of carbonated water, sugar, fruits, brandy, and red wine. 

In terms of taste, sangria is much sweeter than wine – with its fizzy and strong fruit flavors. 

While sangria does in fact contain wine, it is leveled out by the other ingredients in the concoction, creating an incredible Spanish beverage. 

What Does Sangria Taste Like? [A Guide]

Is Sangria Fizzy?

Yes, sangria should contain a subtle fizz, one that is similar to that of a wine spritzer. Sangria is composed of seltzer or carbonated water, providing you with a refreshing fizz.

The fizziness can be adjusted by either increasing or decreasing the levels of carbonated water. 

What makes sangria fizzy is the added carbonated water. Rather than have a super fizziness to it that is similar to soda, it should, instead, have a subtle fizz with gentle bubbles. 

This fizz is particularly refreshing on hot summer days where you’ll notice it tickling the back of your throat. 

Is Sangria Stronger Than Wine?

Wine and sangria both contain the same levels of strength – with around 12% of alcohol in each.

Technically speaking, wine can contain alcohol levels as high as 23% and still be considered wine, however, sangria can only be as strong as 12%. 

Although, generally, wine and sangria are considered to be similar, with a glass of both containing 12% alcohol. 

You can find some wines to be as weak as 5% or as strong as 23%. However, when it comes to sangria, it remains constant. 

While sangria itself consists mainly of red wine, this is diluted by the fruit and carbonated water, whereas the additional brandy boosts the ABV to similar levels as wine. 

What Does Sangria Taste Like?

Sangria is similar to a fizzy, fruity punch, containing gorgeous brandy and red wine to balance out the flavors. 

Thanks to the added fruit juice and sugar, the result is a sour and tart taste that has been perfectly balanced with the other ingredients. 

The sweetness from the sour fruit and wine created an amazingly refreshing drink, perfect for sipping by the pool. 

The taste itself is sweet and fruit with some tart and bitter hints that prevent it from tasting too sugary. Your sangria should always be balanced: not overly bitter or sweet. 

Essentially, the beverage is similar to your favorite childhood punch with a nice brandy and red wine kick. 

Is Sangria Dry Or Sweet?

Sangria is a sweet alcoholic drink. Technically, it shouldn’t be considered a wine since it contains soda water, fruit, and juice. 

Depending on your desired sweetness, you can add or exclude as many ingredients as you wish – personalizing it perfectly to your taste. 

Sangria is known as a refreshingly sweet summer drink, it should never be dry. 

How Could Sangria Be Described?

Essentially, sangria is summer in a bottle! It will provide you with a reminiscence of someone spiking the punch bowl!

It is a very refreshing alcoholic beverage that contains a gentle fizz, lovely sweet fruit flavors, and a red wine and brandy base to balance out the ingredients to perfection. 

Whether you’re in a party mood or looking for a refreshing, yet delicious, way to cool down in the summer, then sangria is the perfect drink for you. 

Is Sangria Bitter Or Sweet?

Sangria should contain more hints of sweetness than bitterness. Without the added fruits, sangria would have a very bitter and tart flavor, however, the additional fruit juice and sugar help to balance this out. 

If you find your sangria to be too bitter, then consider adding some extra sugar or flavored soda water as opposed to carbonated water. 

Moreover, due to the tart fruits, sangria should contain mild amounts of bitterness, too. Although, the inviting flavors are brought alive through the fruit juice and sugar. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect summer beverage, then you can’t go wrong with sangria. It contains the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, and with those bubbles, it is the perfect way to cool down in the heat. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you on how sangria tastes – you’re sure to be purchasing a bottle this summer!

Rachel Edwards