What Is Moscato Wine?

Have you drunk Moscato wine before, but you are not sure what makes it so unique, and what makes it Moscato?

This guide will give you all the information you need to know about Moscato wine to help you learn about it.

If you want to learn more about Moscato, keep reading! Moscato is a specific type of wine that is made with muscat grapes.

Moscato wine is also famous for having a particularly sweet flavor profile that includes flavors like orange blossom and peach.

It is also defined by tending to have a lower alcohol content than similar sparkling wines.

What Is Moscato Wine?

The muscat grape is not new and has been used over thousands of years.

It is actually an umbrella term that has over 200 varieties that all belong under the Vitis Vinifera categorization.

This type of grape is also used as table grapes, to make fortified wines, as well as for raisins.

If you are looking for a specific style of Moscato, it is likely that it uses a specific variation of muscat grapes.

This species of grape originally grew in Italy, but it is now grown in most famous wine regions around the world.

This is because it is a versatile grape that can grow in a variety of climates, growing especially well in countries like Spain, France, and of course Italy.

It has become particularly popular in Australia in recent years as well.

Is Moscato A Sweet Or A Dry Wine?

Officially, Moscato is considered to be a sweet wine. However, this is largely influenced by the winemaker and the results that they are aiming to produce.

This type of wine will tend to have a lower than average level of acidity with a higher than average level of sweetness due to residual sugar content.

One of the most popular styles of Moscato is the Moscato di Asti which is made in different parts of Italy and has a distinct sweet and slightly sparkly taste, it is locally referred to as frizzante.

This type of Moscato is most commonly produced in the Asti region of Italy which is located in the Piedmont region of Italy in the North West.

This style of wine has a beautiful perfumey aroma that smells of orange blossom, mandarin, pear, and honeysuckle.

This is a common characteristic of many Moscato wines having floral characteristics with another common flavor being rose petal and rose water sometimes making it taste and smell akin to Turkish delight.

Another aspect that makes Moscato so popular is its below average alcohol content usually being somewhere between 5 and 6%.

Compare this to an average white wine that will usually be around 12% alcohol.

This style of wine will tend to be lighter-bodied with small levels of carbonation.

Moscato is also a useful wine to have around as it is often utilized as a key ingredient in many cocktails.

What Is Pink Moscato?

Pink Moscato is a common variety of Moscato which is made popular in the US by brands like Berringer, Sutter Home, and Barefoot.

It has also gained popularity on social media gaining traction with younger audiences.

Pink Moscato is simply a white wine made with the muscat Blanc grapes and then a small amount of a red wine (usually being something like Merlot) is added to give it the distinct pink color.

Some wine producers who make pink Moscato do not add any extra wine to give color, instead relying on the natural pigmentation of a different type of grape instead of a classic Blanc which would not have a pink color.

What Food To Pair Your Moscato With?

What Food To Pair Your Moscato With?

One of the most popular uses of Moscato wine when it is not being drunk by itself is with dessert pairings.

Because of its distinct aroma it can sometimes be difficult to pair with more savory dishes and instead its distinct profile works best when served alongside something sweet.

A great rule to follow when attempting to pair Moscato is to pair it with a similar fruit flavor than the flavor profile of the Moscato.

The best thing to pair this wine with is something with peach or nectarine flavors like a tart made with these fruits, or maybe a pie made with berries or fruit.

Moscato surprisingly also pairs well with nutty flavor profiles so if you are having a dessert with a strong almond flavor for example, this will pair incredibly well with a Moscato.

Moscato is incredibly versatile when it comes to dessert pairing with it even working well with something like a cheese plate.

Wine and cheese is of course a classic combination for a reason, and pairing cheese with something like Moscato will display a good knowledge of food and wine pairings.

You will do best to pair your Moscato with lighter and more fresh cheeses over something more sharp which could overpower the Moscato.

Some choices for cheeses to have with Moscato would be something like Crescenza or Gorgonzola.

These can be served alongside something like figs to further accentuate the natural flavors or something like grapes, nuts, or whatever else you trust to match what you are serving.

While Moscato is best at being paired with dessert, it is still possible to pair it with your main meal.

It is an unexpected choice for this role, but you can pull it off if you work cunningly enough with flavor combinations.

Moscato works surprisingly well with Asian cuisines like Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese. This is because of how aromatic these cuisines are making them pair well with Moscato.

The low alcohol content of this wine also compliments the dishes.

The sweetness of the Moscato also balances out the spiciness of the seasonings also used in these cuisines like chili pepper and ginger.


So now you know what makes a Moscato and how best to serve it?

Did you know any of this already? And if you did not, what was the most surprising or interesting information?

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