How To Make Orange Basil White Wine Sangria (Perfect For Summer!)

As the warmer months descend upon us, that can only mean one thing: backyard get-togethers. Once the BBQ has been warmed up and the meat is sizzling, you will want to have a delicious and fruity sangria to hand. Fortunately, it is really easy to make yourself without having to resort to the bottled kind. …

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What Is A Sommelier?

You have probably heard of a sommelier, or a somm as the shortened version, and have wondered what the title means and what you have to do to be qualified as one. The title sommelier is a description of a certification needed for the title. It is a passion based job that requires extensive knowledge …

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Does Wine Have Yeast?

Yeast is one of the most important ingredients in the production of alcohol, most notably in the fermentation or brewing processes, depending on the type of alcohol that is being made.  Whilst many people might only associate yeast with the brewing of beer, it is used in the winemaking process as well, and is paramount …

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